Your professional image | Sociology homework help


This week we talked about the importance of attire in the professional world. Let’s face it- in our culture we use clothing to define our look. It tells the world how we want to be viewed.

To complete this assignment think about figures in the public eye or do a Google image search.

Part One: find a picture of someone who defines the look you have now. Describe it. How does it fit your life now? Are you comfortable with this look for this part of your life? Why/Why not? What influenced your current look?

Part Two: find a picture of someone who has the look you want to achieve when you are a professional. What is it about their look that speaks to you? How does this look represent Brand You??

Part Three: Watch the video below which best represents you.

What is your body shape? Discuss the recommended ways to select clothing based on your body shape. What adaptations will you make to your desired image based on the video’s recommendations.

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