Write an argumentative analysis on chuang-tzu essay discussion on

  1. In the “Discussion on Making All Things Equal,” Chuang-Tzu argues that once one understands the “Way,” then one can  respond “endlessly” to life. Part of this understanding requires us to  see life as a play of interdependent opposites in a never-ending cycle  of change (pp. 39-40).  

In light of this view of life, and claims like: “There is nothing that is not so, nothing that is not acceptable,” can Chuang-Tzu’s philosophy offer a robust response to injustice, such as racism, sexism, wealth inequality, tyranny, etc., so as to right the wrongs (p. 40)?  

Or, does Chuang-Tzu’s philosophy instead require that we understand right and wrong as interdependent, and thus, that we passively accept such injustice, and simply “let it be” (p. 38)?

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