Week one measurments | measurments

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As discussed in your readings this week, tests and measurements are all around us. A cursory review of a daily newspaper or weekly magazine will find, in one way or another, something being measured. How many of you monitor your speedometer, weigh yourself, or take those silly Buzzfeed quizzes? Moreover, measurement and testing takes place in a wide array of contexts, for example from education (SAT, GRE, test scores in courses, etc.) to industry (work output, performance appraisals, etc.) to health care (length of stay, outcomes, cost benefit/analysis, etc.) and so on.

Measurement is clearly pervasive part of our lives. But, what is the role of psychological measurement?

In your initial post this week:

  • Discuss the role of psychological assessment in society.
  • What purposes are served by psychological tests as they are used today?
  • What are some concerns about the use of psychological tests and assessment? 
  • What are some ethical and legal issues in psychological testing and assessment?
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