Week 1 – fund raising project selection

assignment due on March 28th

Need Introduction and Conclusion

Word count needs to be in the body of the paper (350-words or more)

I will complete the Project Priority Evaluation Form.

I’ve provided sample papers to reference subject matter to complete summary paragraph.


Complete the “Assignment” section after reading the Fund-Raising Project Selection case in Ch. 2 of Project Management: The Managerial Process. Make sure you are using the right exercise…this assignment is the one using the projects like “Hoops for Hope, etc.”

Submit a 350-word paper (remember all papers in the class are APA format, need an intro/closing paragraph….word count for all class assignments does not count the intro/closing paragraph or any tables/charts included in the paper….in other words you need 350 words in the paper body). The paper is where you tell me the rankings and justify the decision.

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