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need to watch the video and answer the following quesion

Video website:


1) What was Mr. Picciolini’s family background? Where did the emigrate from, and where did they end up settling?

2) What kind of business did they have? Were they successful, or did they struggle?

3) At the age of 14, what did the man in the alley offer Mr. Picciolini? 

4) What form of media did he begin to make and spread throughout the United States? Was it successful and popular for its intended audience?

5) What travesty did this media influence eventually lead to in Charleston, South Carolina? 

6) During the age of 19 and onward, what monumental life-shift occurred to make Mr. Picciolini reconsider his life choices?

7) Although 75% of his business was white-power music, he still sold other types of music. What “visibly upset” customer walked in that made Mr. Picciolini reconsider his ideology and connect with him on a certain level?

8) What other couple walked in with their son to his store and made him further reconsider his ideology? To reconsider his prejudice and no longer being able to rationalize his hate.

9) After he returns to his old high school, what did he end up saying to his old security guard, Johnny Holmes? How did the security guard react to his words?

10) One of the final messages during this Ted Talk is to connect down the aisle and speak with others. Many who end up radicalizing themselves are those who are suffering and need a helping hand the most. Try to make a parallel to the modern-day to any number of issues: Recent nativist reactions in political rhetoric, racial divisions, Democrat v. Republican heated political rhetoric, political division in the nation, Charlottesville Neo-Nazi rallies, etc. Do you see how sitting down and talking to someone may lead to more productive engagement versus merely “hating” the other side? In what ways would you recommend to solve or better the particular issue you chose? Any thoughts and recommendations?


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