Unit 2 contemporary issues in education project 2


Description:  The Change within the Youth Center that Target Youth in Care (DCFS)

Candidate must submit an annotated bibliography (be sure to research correct format) reflecting at least the minimum required research data and peer reviewed sources for each side of the issue. Any research data reviewed must also reflect each perspective. Candidate must also submit an outline of planned paper including the major topics to be discussed in the paper.


Content and Purpose: The paper must be an extensive outline and an annotated bibliography reflecting the literature reviewed from experts on each side of the issue. Research data must also be included for each side of the issue. A minimum of 2 research data sources and 3 peer reviewed expert sources for each side of the issue must be included in the annotated bibliography. The annotation must discuss which side of the issue is reflected and how the material will be used in the final paper. The outline must include the issues where sides differ that will be discussed. 15/15 points earned

Organization, Grammar & presentation: The paper is well organized. The sources are listed alphabetically as they would be in a reference page. Each source is followed by a paragraph describing its use and purpose. There are no spelling and grammatical errors. 15/15 points earned

Information Literacy- the sources are all appropriate peer reviewed sources and research data and are correctly referenced. 7/7 points earned

Critical thinking; the analysis of the issue is demonstrated by the sources organized and the discussion. 13/13 points earned

(I have uploaded powerpoint from last unit to help in research paper of what i am describing for my final paper for this semester. My topic of th project i picked is in the description.) this will help guide in research of this assignment. Thanks 

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