Two different essay questions | Criminal homework help

1. Essay question: Compare and contrast Hollygrove (the community noted in article 1) with Oxyana (film you have to watch h). How do these two communities relate to chapter 3?

I have attached article 1 and the book where you can find chapter 3. This is the link to the film please watch it so that you can compare and contrast. Please use all three sources in the essay. Cite everything. At least 3 pages. 

2. Essay question: provide a comprehensive narrative regarding the implications of article 2 on race and ethnicity. Be sure to connect your answer back to concepts learned in the textbook. Use chapter 5 from this book for this essay. At least 3 pages 

I have attached the article 2 and the book to use for this essay. 

With the essays make sure they are comprehensive. Insert examples, make connections, readings/videos. 

BOTH ESSAYS ARE DUE ON MONDAY AT 7:00 AM EASTEN New York TIME. Please deliver on time. 

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