Tourism business | Social Science homework help

Culminating Assignment: 

Create a Tourism Business 

. Description: 

• You will use all that you have learned throughout the course and create a tourism business. 

• You may create any type of business connected with the travel and tourism industry, but the key factor is that you will need to attract tourists to your business. 

• Your tourism business may be based on any type of tourism covered in this course. You should specify in your business plan, what type of tourism you are involved in. 

• During your presentation, you will be selling your business to potential tourists, so remember to explain how your tourism business is the right experience/service for them. 

You will provide: • A detailed business plan, which describes your tourism business • A informational poster or slideshow, which will inform potential tourists about your business and sell it to them Instructions: Decide on your business

please see attachment for more details and examples 

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