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  • Strategic Management In Action, Author Mary Coulter, 6th Edition, Copyright 2013 Pearson Publishing, ISBN:978 013 262067 3

ASSIGNMENT: (I will submit to plagiarism checker)


Prepare a comprehensive Case Analysis on any non-profit organization of your choosing. You will find more information on non-profits in the Module: Special Topics in Strategy starting on page 215 in the textbook. “Comprehensive Case Analysis” strategies to include are found on pages 231-244.  Review the Power Point slides for non-profits. 

Four pages, typed in APA style with references are expected. Please save and submit your assignment as a Rich Text File (.rtf).

Final submission due by 2/28/2017 by 11:59


Doesn’t have to be perfect, im not that good of a writer anyways, so long as its information from the textbook and you can pick the non-profit organization

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