Solved… Harvard Business School9-701-037Rev. May 10, 2001Gucci Group

Hi can you please help with answering these questions? They are in relation to the Gucci Group N.V. (A) case that I have attached. Here are the questions:,,1. What are the main characteristics of the modern luxury trade? What are new trends? ,,2. What are the characteristics of Gucci’s supply chain strategies? What effects do they give to achieve cost reduction as well as the brand? Why? ,,3. Why do you think Gucci did not want to remain merely in the “handbag” business? Do you think Gucci’s multi-brand group business model work?,,4. Describe Gucci’s strategies to keep and strengthen its brand. Describe Gucci’s core competences that enabled to survive in the fierce M & A environment. ,,

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