Solved… Case Summary:Travel Wise is a company that manufactures and

Case Summary:,,Travel Wise is a company that manufactures and sells travel accessories such as wallets, passport holders, money belts, etc. Its founder, Cindy Kirsch, works closely with the suppliers in India and China who produce the goods that Travel Wise sells. She ensures that these manufacturers treat their employees fairly and pay them a living wage.,,Now Travel Wise is thinking about expanding. Adding a line of travel clothing will require that Kirsch look at manufacturers and designers both in the US and worldwide. If TravelWise produces their own guidebooks, Kirsch will have to hire travel writers, establish relationships with travel bureaus, and learn the publishing business. Finally, if Travel Wise expands their website it will mean determining where their customers live and where they want to travel.,,questions:,,1-What type of entry mode would you recommend that Travel Wise use for its new line of clothing in U.S. markets? In foreign markets? Should the clothing be outsourced to suppliers overseas, or should Travel Wise consider building its own manufacturing facility here in the United States?,,2-What features and services might Travel Wise offer on its expanded Web site that would appeal to travelers from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world?,,3. What types of relationships must Travel Wise forge in other countries to produce accurate, up-to-date, insightful travel guides?

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