Single scene | Article writing homework help


For this week’s writing assignment, you will be writing a single scene, either written for stage or screen. It should be between three to five pages in length. Information on writing this scene can be found in this week’s live session and Scripts Presentation ppt.

You are welcome to write the scene on anything you’d like; however, if you need prompt ideas, here are three starting points:

1.Discovery: A _____ found out they were ______.2.Love or Death: Two characters. Maybe they know each other, maybe they don’t. By the end of the scene, either they should fall in love, OR one kills the other. (We shouldn’t know for certain until the final moments.)3.Revelation: Two characters. The scene starts with the line, “I have something to tell you…”This assignment is due by November 9th at 9am EST. 

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