Senior project | Sociology homework help

Learning objectives:  

• Develop concept paper• Learn to ask a sociologically relevant question• Practice providing peer review for colleagues• Prepare for graduation and beyond


Part 1:  Write a 200-word research proposal describing the following features of your senior project.  This will become the introduction to your senior project paper.

• What is the key question you hope to answer during your senior project?  Alternatively, if working in an internship, describe the goals of the organization and what your role will be toward achieving these goals.• Describe how you are going to collect the “evidence” to answer your question or the activities you will be participating in to help your organization achieve these goals.• Describe why this is project is important to sociology and/or the community.  This is a good place to start considering how your research fits with things you learned during your sociological coursework.• Describe what you think you will discover through your research or what you think your organization with achieve with your help.

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