Saint leo com540 module 8 final exam

1. Question :

The ____ section of the business continuity policy provides an overview of the information storage and retrieval plans of the organization.


training requirements

roles and responsibilities

special considerations

Question 2. Question :

A ____ is a fully configured computer facility, with all services, communications links, and physical plant operations.

cold site

service bureau

warm site

hot site

Question 3. Question :

A ____ agreement usually guarantees space when needed, even if this means that the service bureau has to acquire additional space in the event of a widespread disaster.





Question 4. Question :

The ____ team is responsible for providing any needed supplies, space, materials, food, services, or facilities needed at the primary site other than vendor-acquired technology and other material obtained by the vendor team.

damage assessment

data management


business interface

Question 5. Question :

The ____ team works to install operating systems on the hardware installed by the hardware team.

application recovery


computer setup team

network recovery team

Question 6. Question :

The ____ team is responsible for recovering and reestablishing operating systems (OSs).

database recovery

systems recovery

applications recovery

vendor recovery

Question 7. Question :

____ is functionally similar to job rotation, but only involves the rotation of a portion of a job, rather than the entire position.

Vertical job rotation

Task rotation

Computer training

Horizontal job rotation

Question 8. Question :

The ____ team is responsible for recovering and reestablishing operations of critical business applications.

vendor contact

system recovery

applications recovery

network recovery

Question 9. Question :

The ____ method of backup uses a rotation of six sets of media and is perhaps the most simple and well known.

six tape rotation

six-day rotation

Tower of Hanoi

six night rotation

Question 10. Question :

The ____ method of backup uses five media sets per week and allows recovery of data for the previous three weeks.

Towers of Hanoi

six-tape rotation


six-day rotation

Question 11. Question :

In disaster recovery, the ____ is the point at which a management decision to react is made in reaction to a notice or other data such as a weather report or an activity report from IT indicating the escalation of an incident.

mirrored site

hot site

cold site


Question 12. Question :

____ is the movement of employees from one position to another so they can develop additional skills and abilities.

Job rotation

Task rotation

Computer training


Question 13. Question :

The ____ team works to quickly set up the hardware needed to establish operations in the alternate site.

business continuity management team

operations team

computer setup team

network recovery team

Question 14. Question :

____ uses a specialized parity coding mechanism known as the Hamming code to store stripes of data on multiple data drives and corresponding redundant error correction on separate error correcting drives.

RAID level 1

RAID level 2

RAID level 3

RAID level 4

Question 15. Question :

____ is the group charged with analyzing vulnerabilities, evaluating existing plans, and developing and implementing the comprehensive crisis management program.

Crisis management planning committee

Humanitarian planning committee

Emergency response committee

Cross-training planning committee

Question 16. Question :

The ____ lists and describes the efforts to resume normal operations at the primary places of business.

incremental backup plan

disaster recovery plan

full-backup plan

business continuity plan

Question 17. Question :

The ____ contains the steps for implementing critical business functions using alternate mechanisms until normal operations can be resumed at the primary site or elsewhere on a permanent basis.

incremental plan

disaster recovery plan

full-backup plan

business continuity plan

Question 18. Question :

A ____ allows the organization to provide a disaster recovery/business continuity option while reducing the overall cost.

service bureau

mutual agreement


service agreement

Question 19. Question :

____ are highly probable when infected machines are brought back online or when other in-fected computers that may have been offline at the time of the attack are brought back up.

Follow-on incidents

War games

Black bag operations

Blue bag operations

Question 20. Question :

Before returning to routine duties, the IR team must also conduct a(n) ____.

chain of custody

after-action review

war game

Alarm Compaction

Question 21. Question :

The ____ is the point in the past to which the recovered applications and data at the alternate infrastructure will be restored.

recovery point objective

relocation point objective

simulation point objective

warm site objective

Question 22. Question :

____ consists of efforts designed to address the psychological and emotional impact on the workforce.

Crisis communications

Humanitarian assistance

Emergency response


Question 23. Question :

Once the incident has been contained, and all signs of the incident removed, the ____ phase begins.

actions after

black bag operation

chain of custody

blue bag operation

Question 24. Question :

____ occur over time and slowly deteriorate the capacity of an organization to withstand their effects.

Slow onset disasters

Communication disasters

Rapid onset disasters

Data disasters

Question 25. Question :

The ____ involves providing copies of the DR plan to all teams and team members for review.

DR plan desk check

DR plan structured walk-through

DR plan simulation

DR plan parallel testing

Question 26. Question :

A ____ is owned by a single organization; it can be as small as two PCs attached to a single hub or it may support hundreds of users and multiple servers.





Question 27. Question :

____ contingency considerations should enhance the ability of recovery personnel to restore WAN services after a disruption.



Web site


Question 28. Question :

The ____ team works with the hardware and OS teams to get internal and external services up and running to begin supporting business functions.

applications recovery


computer setup team

network recovery team

Question 29. Question :

During the ____ phase the organization begins the recovery of the most time-critical business functions – those necessary to reestablish business operations and prevent further economic and image loss to the organization.


risk analysis

parallel testing

audit review

Question 30. Question :

____ are those that occur suddenly, with little warning, taking the lives of people and destroying the means of production.

Slow onset disasters

Communication disasters

Rapid onset disasters

Data disasters

Question 31. Question :

The ____ is the group responsible for initiating the occupation of the alternate facility.

advance party

disaster recovery team

applications development team

forensic team

Question 32. Question :

In the ____ section of the business continuity policy, the training requirements for the various employee groups are defined and highlighted.


training requirements

roles and responsibilities

special considerations

Question 33. Question :

The ____ team is responsible for working with the remainder of the organization to assist in the recovery of nontechnology functions.

damage assessment

data management


business interface

Question 34. Question :

A ____ is defined by the ICM as a disruption in the company’s business that occurs without warning and is likely to generate news coverage and may adversely impact employees, investors, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

humanitarian crisis

sudden crisis

business crisis

smoldering crisis

Question 35. Question :

____ is the rapid relocation of an organization’s critical business functions to another location.

Business relocation

Business continuity

Incidence response

Reactive review

Question 36. Question :

The ____ system can be used both to distribute information about the disaster and to collect information about the status of the employees.

DR plan desk system

DR plan simulation

auxiliary phone alert and reporting system

damage assessment report

Question 37. Question :

____ is most commonly used in organizations that balance safety and redundancy against the costs of acquiring and operating the systems.

RAID level 4

RAID level 5

RAID level 6

RAID level 7

Question 38. Question :

A(n) ____ is a list of officials ranging from an individual’s immediate supervisor through the top executive of the organization.

emergency report

chain of command


crisis report

Question 39. Question :

____ is the storage of duplicate online transaction data, along with the duplication of the databases at the remote site to a redundant server.

Remote journaling

Electronic vaulting

Hot swapping

Database shadowing

Question 40. Question :

____ involves the batch transfer of data to an offsite facility.

Database shadowing

Remote journaling

Six-tape rotation

Electronic vaulting




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