Response to john oliver, “chickens 

When we start reading about and learning where our food comes from, it’s kind of like having a flashlight in the dark and hearing a scary noise.  Our first impulse might be to shine the light where the noise is, revealing whatever fangs and claws have scuttled into our minds, but maybe we’re better off not knowing and turning back.

With our course readings and viewings about the food industry I want you to think about and write about the relationship between knowledge and discomfort.  I want you to write about how you have allowed (or not) information about food to make your eating decisions more complex.

Write a 300+ word response where you explain whether or not you choose to seek out information about the food you eat, whether that is nutrition information, information about the welfare of animals, the wages of food industry workers, the agricultural practices of growers, etc.

Explain your decisions about why you have or have not sought out information about your food or your meals.  Feel free to talk about texts—print or otherwise—that have influenced how you think about food and how you have made decisions about food.

Why do you make the decisions about food that you do?

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