Reservoir simulation(petroleum engineering) | Engineering homework help

Your task is to build a reservoir simulation model of an oil field using Petrel, then use the model to investigate the development plan and run some sensitivities as described below. 




Follow the reservoir simulation report writing guidelines. 

The section Introduction and Background should contain a brief description of the reservoir model you have constructed. 

The Simulation Procedure section should describe the initial model run with 3 wells, the optimisation process and the sensitivity cases. 

The Results section should contain:
A statement or table of fluids initially in place: oil (STOIIP), gas and water. 

A plan view of the model showing the location of the wells including the optimum location selected for the second producer. 

A statement or table of recovery factor, cumulative oil, gas and water production for these cases: 

  •   The initial simulation run with 3 wells.
  •   The final optimised 4 well case. You do not need to present results from the
    intermediate non-optimum runs.
  •   The four sensitivity cases.
    For these same cases you should include a graph (one for each case) with three lines showing:
  •   Oil production rate vs time
  •   Water cut vs time
  •   GOR vs time
    You should discuss the results of the sensitivities and explain (qualitatively) the behaviour of the reservoir in each case. State which variable has the largest impact on recovery and explain why.
    Discuss how the oil recovery from the reservoir could be further improved. What additional actions do you recommend?
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