Religion is the subject of essay

Please upload at least 3 full and formatted essay pages (about 1,100 words) addressing your argument and supporting details only, including Introduction and Conclusion paragraphs. 

• Prompt — Write an argumentative essay about a controversial topic. • At least 5 outside sources needed for the Works Cited page (at least 2 sources must support your position, at least 2 sources must support the opposing viewpoints, and at least 4 articles must come from MDC’s Online Library databases). • Use the databases Opposing Viewpoints (you are encouraged to include the overview article as one of your 5 sources), SIRS Issues Researcher, & Issues and Controversies to find articles. • Reference the Purdue 

Contents of Research Paper: I. Outline II. Introduction (including thesis statement / claim) III. Points IV. Counterpoints V. Rebuttal VI. Conclusion VII. Works Cited Page Format: • Original Title (suggesting your position) • Double Space • Heading • Header • 1″ margins • Size 12 • Times New Roman Other Reminders: • Maintain the 3rd person POV throughout • Avoid contractions

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