Read article,then write two pages essay(about 700 words)

read the article “The Money”, then write two pages essay(about 700 words). The writing style should looks like Eng101 paper 3.


Answer in a 5 paragraph essay. Your essay must include at least one in-text citation in the proper MLA style. Remember to provide a thesis statement, and to structure your essay around this main idea.


*Please put argument point (thesis statement) by end of introduction.


*Use direct quotations from this article.


*Use transition words at beginning of  paragraph 2,3,4, such as first of all, second, beside, in  additional 


In The Money, Junot Diaz says that “When you are a recent immigrant and you’ve put up with a lot of bullshit because of it, it’s easy to feel targeted.” This nonfiction essay describes some of the difficulties that a poor immigrant family can face in the United States. Do you think immigrants are targeted by other Americans? Why or why not? In a five paragraph essay that refers to the The Money, explain what you think about the treatment of immigrants. Is it just or unjust? Why or why not?




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