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Question 21 pts 

When working with an 8-year-old child in a non-school setting, it is ethnically necessary to obtain 

Group of answer choices 

Assent from the child and informed consent from the parent 

Informed consent from only the child 

Informed consent from only the parent 

Informed consent from both the child and the parent 

Question 31 pts 

When counseling minors, the legal right to confidentiality belongs to 

Group of answer choices 

The child 

The counselor 

The parents or legal guardians 

Both the child and the parents 

Question 41 pts 

The Buckley Amendment is also known as the 

Group of answer choices 

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 

Section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act 

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act 

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 

Question 51 pts 

All of the following statements are correct EXCEPT: 

Group of answer choices 

Licensure was created to protect the public 

Counselors who hold a license from one state have reciprocity in every other state 

Virginia was the first state to license counselors 

The requirements for acquiring licensure vary from state to state 

Question 61 pts 

CRCC certifies the following type of counselor: 

Group of answer choices 

Clinical mental health counselors 

School counselors 

College counselors 

Rehabilitation counselors 

Question 71 pts 

The mental health practitioner who most commonly administer psychological testing are 

Group of answer choices 



Professional counselors 

Psychiatric nurses 

Question 81 pts 

A ____________ works in counseling centers at postsecondary institutions to meet the mental health and wellness needs of students. 

Group of answer choices 

School counselor 

College admissions counselor 

College counselor 

Clinical mental health counselor 

Question 91 pts 

By license, all ____________ can prescribe medications to their clients. 

Group of answer choices 



Professional counselors 

All of the above 

Question 101 pts 

The professionals most involved in working to affect public policy are 

Group of answer choices 

marriage and family therapists 

social workers 

rehabilitation counselors 

school counselors 

Question 111 pts 

The __________ is not a founding member of ACA. 

Group of answer choices 

Counseling Association for Humanistic Education and Development (C-AHEAD) 

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) 

National Career Development Association (NCDA) 

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) 

Question 121 pts 

The most recently established division of ACA is 

Group of answer choices 

Association for Creativity in Counseling (ACC) 

Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ) 

Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC) 

Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) 

Question 131 pts 

NECA and NCDA are both professional associations devoted to the specialization of 

Group of answer choices 

Career counseling 

Rehabilitation counseling 

College counseling 

Marriage and family counseling 

Question 141 pts 

The Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC) began as an association for counselors who were 

Group of answer choices 





Question 151 pts 

Members of IAAOC are committed to helping clients who 

Group of answer choices 

Are dealing with addiction 

Have engaged in criminal acts as adults 

Are juvenile delinquents 

Are all of the above 

Question 161 pts 

A counselor who receives both a subpoena and a court order must 

Group of answer choices 

Assert privilege 

Request that the client’s attorney immediately file a motion to quash 

Provide the court with the appropriate information or be held in contempt of court 

Only comply with the court order 

Question 171 pts 

Libel is all of the following, EXCEPT 

Group of answer choices 

The intentional spreading of falsehoods through spoken word 

The intentional spreading of falsehood through writing 

A type of defamation 

Addressed by tort law 

Question 181 pts 

An ethical principle that encourages counselors to actively promote the welfare of their clients is known as 

Group of answer choices 





Question 191 pts 

The ACA Code of Ethics prohibits sexual or romantic relationships between counselors and clients 

Group of answer choices 

For 2 years after they last saw each other professionally 

For 5 years after they last saw each other professionally 

Only until the counseling relationship has been terminated 

None of the above 

Question 201 pts 

When Internet counselors are unable to use encryption software, they are ethically required to 

Group of answer choices 

Refrain from providing their services over the internet 

Be extra careful with any information they store on their computer 

Use code words to identify their clients 

Tell their clients about the potential risks involved in their online communications 

Quiz -2


Labeling clients as resistant because they do not make eye contact during a counseling session might be an example of 

Group of answer choices 

Cultural encapsulation 

An emic perspective 



Question 20.5 pts 

_________ is NOT a component of the tripartite model of multicultural counseling competence. 

Group of answer choices 





Question 30.5 pts 

An individual fidgeting during a counseling session is an example of what form of nonverbal communication? 

Group of answer choices 



Context communication 


Question 40.5 pts 

After spending 5 years in the United States, Maya believes she no longer belongs in her home culture and does not fit in the host culture. Which acculturation model best describes her acculturation level? 

Group of answer choices 





Question 50.5 pts 

The worldview that the environment accounts for actions that occur is best captured by which of Sue’s (1978) dimensions? 

Group of answer choices 

Locus of responsibility 

Locus of control 


Relationship to nature 

Question 60.5 pts 

The faith that focuses on karma and the deity Brahman is 

Group of answer choices 





Question 70.5 pts 

Situational poverty is due to 

Group of answer choices 

Being poor for generations 

Lacking resources due to an extenuating circumstance 

Being poor due to geographic location 

Lacking money because of poor investments 

Question 80.5 pts 

What socioeconomic class recognized in the United States encompasses people who are able to meet current expenses, plus plan for the future, but are not necessarily wealthy? 

Group of answer choices 

Upper class 

Middle class 

Working class 


Question 90.5 pts 

The view that one’s own culture is superior to another culture is called 

Group of answer choices 





Question 100.5 pts 

Which law most protects children with disabilities concerning public education? 

Group of answer choices 

ADA of 1990 

IDEA of 2004 

Rehabilitation Act of 1973 

Buckley Amendment 

Question 110.5 pts 

Tertiary oppression is 

Group of answer choices 

Internalized oppression 

Not helping another who is being oppressed 

Committing covert acts of oppression 

Benefiting from oppression 

Question 120.5 pts 

A resilience characteristic is 

Group of answer choices 

Not espousing upbeat attitudes and worldviews 

Having a supportive social network 

Living in an unsafe community 

Not being able to bounce back 

Question 130.5 pts 

White privilege includes all of the following EXCEPT 

Group of answer choices 

Seeing one’s race represented often in the media 

Being able to obtain work easily 

Being free from much oppression based on race 

Being discriminated against due to being in the minority 

Question 140.5 pts 

_________ is NOT likely associated with privilege. 

Group of answer choices 




Minority status 

Question 150.5 pts 

Working for the collective good of society refers to which tenet of social justice? 

Group of answer choices 





Question 160.5 pts 

Which identity development model includes Encounter, Immersion-Emersion, and Internalization as some of its statuses? 

Group of answer choices 

McCarn and Fassinger’s lesbian/gay identity development model 

Cross Nigrescence model 

Hardiman’s White racial identity development model 

Helm’s White racial identity development model 

Question 170.5 pts 

A racial interaction in which an individual of a lower racial identity status holds more social power over an individual would be considered a(n) 

Group of answer choices 

Parallel interaction 

Progressive interaction 

Autonomous interaction 

Regressive interaction 

Question 180.5 pts 

Which of the following best describes the developmental issues of feminist identity development models? 

Group of answer choices 

Women must relinquish their gender privilege 

Men are to actively commit to support networks that include women 

Women are to accept traditional gender roles for men and women 

Women grow psychologically as they address sexism 

Question 190.5 pts 

One of the most popular sexual identity development models that was often used in developing other identity development models was developed by 

Group of answer choices 





Question 200.5 pts 

Mary became angry with God after the death of her close friend, and she questions herself as a spiritual person. What spiritual identity development status is Mary most likely in? 

Group of answer choices 





Question 210.5 pts 

_________ compromise the smallest percentage of the U.S. population. 

Group of answer choices 

Native Americans 

Arab Americans 

Asian Americans 

European Americans 

Question 220.5 pts 

Filial piety regarding family applies most closely to which cultural group? 

Group of answer choices 

Latin Americans 

African Americans 

Native Americans 

Asian Americans 

Question 230.5 pts 

___________ are considered the fastest-growing racial and ethnic group. 

Group of answer choices 

African Americans 

Arab Americans 

Native Americans 

Asian Americans 

Question 240.5 pts 

The largest group making up what constitutes Latin Americans is 

Group of answer choices 

Puerto Ricans 




Question 250.5 pts 

_________ are mistakenly considered to be the model minority. 

Group of answer choices 

African Americans 

Arab Americans 

Latin Americans 

Asian Americans 

Question 260.5 pts 

Feelings of hopefulness and captivation of a new culture are part of the ___________ phase of culture shock. 

Group of answer choices 





Question 270.5 pts 

A cultural group that typically deals with issues with eating disorders and sexually risky behaviors is 

Group of answer choices 

International students 

The elderly 

Transgender individuals 


Question 280.5 pts 

Intersexed is defined as an individual who 

Group of answer choices 

Is two-spirited 

Lives as the opposite sex without biological interventions 

Alters their biology 

Possesses both male and female genitalia 

Question 290.5 pts 

Some of the unique issues affecting ____________ clients are grief, loss, physical challenges, and terminal illness. 

Group of answer choices 



Transgender individuals 

International clients 

Question 300.5 pts 

Counselors should advocate for 

Group of answer choices 

Reparative therapy 

Acceptance of sexual minorities 

Pain therapy 

Conversion therapy 

Question 310.5 pts 

(A) ___________ is an intense, generally short-term, time of distress in which a person’s normal stress management skills are inadequate. 

Group of answer choices 





Question 320.5 pts 

All of the following are considered forms of child abuse EXCEPT 

Group of answer choices 


Physical abuse 

Sexual abuse 


Question 330.5 pts 

Behavior that is used to gain authority over one’s relationship with an intimate partner is 

Group of answer choices 



Sexual exploitation 

Intimate partner violence 

Question 340.5 pts 

The use of an uninvolved person to help with conflict resolution is 

Group of answer choices 





Question 350.5 pts 

Aggression can take the form of each of the following EXCEPT 

Group of answer choices 

Verbal abuse 

Hate crimes 



Question 360.5 pts 

The social influence model espouses that a counselor should have _________ for maximum influence. 

Group of answer choices 





Question 370.5 pts 

Two forms of feminism are women of color feminism and Black feminism. What is the difference between the two? 

Group of answer choices 

There is no difference 

Women of color feminism embraces all women, regardless of color, and Black feminism focuses mainly on the oppression of African American women. 

Women of color feminism embraces all women except Caucasians, and Black feminism was the main movement in the 1980s and focused on career. 

Women of color feminism focuses on the oppression of African American women, and Black feminism embraces all women, regardless of color. 

Question 380.5 pts 

Motivational interviewing is mainly based on a Rogerian counseling style, but 

Group of answer choices 

Is also directive 

Focuses heavily on transference and countertransference 

Is highly confrontational 

Focuses on the source of the problem 

Question 390.5 pts 

Each of the following is correct concerning the acronym OARES, from motivational interviewing, EXCEPT 

Group of answer choices 

O = Open- ended questions 

A = Action 

R = Reflective Listening 

S = Summarize 

Question 400.5 pts 

Motivational interviewing has been primarily used in 

Group of answer choices 

Addictions counseling 

Feminist counseling 



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