Project #3 | English homework help


What you are doing for this Essay/Project #3 is creating a project proposal.  You should think of this as a document that you are creating that LOOKS like a proposal. 

Pls just make a google slide or PowerPoint. The topic will be “during the pandemic, how to keep yourself healthy. ” PLS add activity as doing activities at home, or how to make a mask and keep social distance.

Here are the questions for you to address. You will want to do Rule of 3 for as many of these questions as possible :

  1. Please describe in detail, what exactly is your project proposal about?
  2. What need is being filled, or what problem is being addressed by your project? (What is the issue that you are addressing and why does it matter?)
  3. Who is the audience for your project? (It usually doesn’t work to say “everybody”–that usually means you have not focused deeply enough on your project details.)
  4. How will people interact with your project?
  5. What makes your project innovative?
  6. What materials will you need to  create your project? Be specific about types of materials and quantity of each.
  7. What existing assets in the community can you  leverage to complete your project? Describe in detail how you will use the asset to execute your project. (This can be people you know, or community members, or organizations, or  other resources.)

Please provide data, case studies, past experiments/experiences, success stories from other situations, etc. to support why you believe your project will be successful.  This is the research part of this assignment. 

You will want to include:
Cover page, with title of your project, pics, your name, make it look pro, make it colorful

Table of contents— with the names of your sections

Throughout the writing you will want to make it look professional, and add pics, charts, graphs, etc, where needed. You should think about using graphic software like Canva to make the final product look great.

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