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 For coming classes, you will be organized into “Production Companies” to research the skills needed to collaborate on a production of your fellow classmate’s original scripts. They in turn will assist you in producing your original play. Write a  minimum 250-word essay on the skills needed for your particular discipline. After we break into groups, there can only be one of each discipline in your production group. Which position appeals to you? There must be a director. Choose one “job” area and research the responsibilities for your position and post your essay for group comment. 


Production positions:

Director: determines the relationship between the performers and the audience, coordinates with all designers, the playwright, producers, and actors they hold rehearsals and stages the play. The director is responsible for the central concept that unifies all the artistic works of the entire team. They also keep it between the ditches.

Set Designer: determines, style of setting, sometimes the period, color, and texture of the performance environment.

Costume Designer: determines, style of dress, sometimes the period, color, and texture of the garments.

Light Designer: determines color, rhythm, texture, and mood of scenes and how light affects them

Composer/Sound Designer: determines all the aural elements that influence the mood and any special effects, musical accompaniment, or songs.

Choreographer/movement/stage combat director: determines effective and safe movement of actors during all major action sequences

Technical Director: makes it all happen on stage, a TD needs good mechanical and engineering skills.

You may request which of your classmates you would like to collaborate with. If I do not receive a request from you, groups will be assigned alphabetically. I recommend you contact your Production Team members starting Monday. If they do not respond in a timely fashion, contact them three times over a 48 hour period. If you do not receive a response during that period, proceed without them. Not all positions need to be filled for the group project. You are graded on your individual contributions, not that of the group.

Begin by getting in touch with your Production Team members, ASAP!!! There must be a director for each team! You will find that some of your team members do not respond. You are not graded as a group, your essays are graded individually. Try contacting your team members three times over a 24 hour period. If they do not respond 24 hours after your last attempt, proceed without them. There must be a director but not all the production positions need to be filled. Work with what you have and decide who will take which responsibility.

Discussion Board Question: Who are the interpretive artists in the theatre? Who are the creative artists? What’s the difference?

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