Powerpoint project sociology | Sociology homework help

Introduction to Sociology 2e ( from OpenStax, Print ISBN 1938168410,

Digital ISBN

1947172263, www.openstax.org/details/introduction-sociology-2e) (Links

to an external site.) is available for free online!

What Are We Doing?

Creating a PowerPoint presentation on one of the chapters.

Chapters to Choose From: 

● 10: Global Inequality

● 11: Race and Ethnicity

● 17: Government and Politics

● 18: Work and the Economy

● 19: Health and Medicine

PowerPoint Requirements: 

● Should cover about 65%-75% of the chapter

● Minimum number of slides – 20

● Visuals are helpful and make for a more complete and aesthetically pleasing presentation. Please include a minimum of five.

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