Post office technology | Article writing homework help

 The article, “Innovation in the Mail” talks about Optical Character Recognition (OCR).   Please find out more about this (you may use Google or another Internet Search Engine, such as Duck-Duck-Go) and answer the following questions.   (Even though it is an Internet search, you’ll still need to capture all the information such as URL)

1. What actually is OCR?  Please describe in your own words.

2. What is the source of your information to question one above?

3. in your own words, please describe how the U.S. Post Office uses OCR to help speed the mail, as explained by the article.   Where ever a number or a statistic is used, please write that down.

4. There is an additional very common use for OCR technology for those with disabilities.   Find an example of technology that uses OCR for those with disabilities, and explain what it is, and how it is used, please.

5. What is the source of your information to question 3 above?


Please read the article, Scientific American article,  Mail-Sorting Machines Are Crucial for the U.S. Postal Service

1. In your own words, please describe why the Mail-Sorting Machines are crucial for the U.S. Post Office.   This should be an explanation no shorter than 10 sentences long. 

2. Why do you think the Mail-Sorting Machines were de-commissioned right before the elections? 


Please watch the video, Portland USPS mail-sorting machines dismantled and summarize what you saw.   No less than five sentences in your summary, please.


Please watch the video, U.S. Postal Service Pulls Uniformed Police From Protective Patrols

1. Why are protective police being pulled away from the U.S. Postal Service mail workers?

2. Do you think that these actions by Post Master DeJoy reflect the American values of our American Society?


Please read the article 2020 The Future is the New Now

Answer the following questions, based on the information in the article.

1. What changes took place in 2019 and 2020 to USPS Leadership and Oversight?

2. Why do they say the future is in the data?  Explain

3. According to the article, what are price increases likely to do, what are they likely to drive out of the system?

4. What is rapidly changing because of consumer demand for immediate delivery?


Please read the article, NVIDIA Provides U.S. Postal Service AI Technology to Improve Delivery Service Please look up and explain the following technologies used in the article (Google is Allowed).

For EACH of the four, please write down the SOURCE of your information — the URL, author, etc. and put all of the information you find here, in your Library Holding Bin, as well as your personal back up file, please.

NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs

NVIDIA EGX edge computing


NGC containers


Please read the article US Postal Service Files A Patent For Voting System Combining Mail And A BlockChain

1. Summarize it in your own words.

Now, find any article, anywhere, that explains BlockChain and how it works.

2. What is the title of the article?

3. Did you find it in the Library, or on the web?

4. Who is the author of the article?

5. If the article was found on the web, what is the URL?  Otherwise, in which database did you find the article on BlockChain?

6. In your own words, summarize what BlockChain is and how it works, based on the article you found.


Now read the article, House Lawmakers Re-Introduce Bill to Provide Legal Backing for Blockchain Records

1. What do you think the significance of the statement below is?

The newly introduced Blockchain Records and Transaction Act forbids the denial of legal effect and validity for any electronic record, signature, or smart contract “solely because it is created, stored, or secured on or through a blockchain.’’ 

2. What do you think the significance of the statement below as it relates to the patent that the U.S. Post Office filed for Blockchain?

“With the growth of blockchain technology, it’s up to Congress to provide a legal framework to support its technological advances,” Soto said in a statement. “As a lawyer and notary, I understand the importance of validated signatures for legal documentation as an essential starting point in building a blockchain-enabled infrastructure.”

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