Paper work | Wireless Security & Forensics

 For the final project, you will be conducting a forensics investigation using one of the following items: 


  1. A smartphone
  2. A network (ideally, a wireless network)


You  may use either for your investigation. However, be aware of legal  issues surrounding your data gathering. If you are using any system you  do not personally control and have authority to investigate/discover,  please get written permission from the owner/operator of the system or  refrain from your forensics analysis of that systems and use a personal  system. For a network, you can use your own personal home network. For a  smartphone, consider using an image from the Internet or a personal  device. There could be issues related to using a live, active, personal  device (example: corruption of the device). If using a personal device,  consider using an old, outdated phone, if available.

 You  will review various forensics tools used with your selected system.  Select a tool and use that tool to gather forensics data for analysis.  You are simulating the process of gathering this data, so you do not  need to investigate a compromised device or system. The project  deliverables are as follows:

Week  3 – Prepare a two-page paper (double-spaced) that describes the device  or system you will investigate and the intended tool you plan to use to  conduct your forensics investigation. The interim paper should be in the  form of an Executive Summary. Be sure to provide references in APA  format.

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