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Title: Business Problem and the IT Solution

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Note: Developing a business proposal requires specific steps that need to be executed in a sequence. The assessments in this course are presented in sequence and must be completed in order.


Using the same company or organization from Assessment 1, determine a business problem or challenge that requires a new information technology solution or an updated information technology solution.

Choose a problem you are familiar with as well as a technology solution. Think about information systems you have worked with and the business goals those systems helped to meet.

•Are the problems caused by an inability to be flexible and to make changes quickly?

•What could you propose that might solve a specific problem, while addressing this need for the IT system or systems to be continuously improved and flexible enough to adapt to change?

•What might you propose that would provide an overall perspective to a problem, rather than meeting the needs of a specific department or individual?


Write a three-page assessment that includes the following:

•Description of the business problem.

•Description of the information technology idea or solution.

•Description of how the information technology solution aligns with the current business needs.

Be sure to answer the following questions:

•What business stakeholders would you consult with to determine whether your proposed solution meets their needs?

•What IT stakeholders would you consult with to be sure your proposal meets the IT requirements and fits into the IT architecture?

Additional Requirements

Ensure that your assessment is professionally written and free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout.

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