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•With the realization that pain is highly prevalent among older adults, please answer the following questions.

1. What are some ways you as the nurse can utilize to determine pain in the older adult?
2. What are some of the potential barriers related to self-reporting of pain in the older adult?
3. What is the prevalence of pain in the older adult?
4. Describe and compare your findings for each of the following:
a. Numeric rating scale
b. Visual analog scale
c. McGill pain questionnaire
d. Pain in dementia patients


Part 2: Analysis of Assessment Data

1. Based on observations from the windshield survey, identify strengths of the community.

2. List and prioritize 5 potential community risk factors (weaknesses).

3. Identify community resources that may help address the highest priority weakness (either currently in existence or something you propose to help address this problem).

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