Multimedia | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

include speaker notes i will so the voice over 

Create a multimedia presentation that explores a cultural misunderstanding in the workplace.

  • Demonstrate a workplace situation in which the clients’ or customers’ needs were not met because of miscommunication due to cultural issues.
  • Demonstrate how the situation could have been handled in an culturally competent manner.

Present your workplace situation in a multimedia format.

  • Choose an online audio, video, or web-presentation format that will allow you to present your two scenarios in a compelling way. Examples of a multimedia presentation include a voice over (audio) on a PowerPoint, Prezi, a video link, etc. Choose one that does not require that a separate app be downloaded to view.
  • Include a written script when you submit the multimedia link or file to your instructor.

Citations and references must be included in either the presentation or at the end of the script.

Submit your assignment.

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