Mba520 3-1 milstone | Management homework help


Hi, I hope this finds you well! I’ve made a few comments below that you could use to both revise as well as expand on your work. If you have any questions, just let me know.

As for the Organizational Context, you could expand on your evaluation of International Markets. A more detailed description of the breakdown in revenues between segments will assist you in evaluating the financial performance. International locations will also assist you in evaluating the related impact to the financial statements. A more detailed description of the breakdown in revenues by product area will also support further analysis in future milestones.

As for the recent financial performance, you might find that a statement-wide analysis would help you expand on your analysis particularly in future milestones. This will also help you organize your observations from the financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows) into your work. Consider a Horizontal (percentage change) or Vertical analysis (common size). This should help you identify significant changes in accounts and possibly further evaluate certain aspects of the company. Once you identify significant changes, you could review the financial statements or external analysis for explanations and possibly analyze further in other areas of the project.

If there were any unusual events that impacted the financial performance, or are expected to impact financial performance, be sure to identify and evaluate those as well.

As for the current financial health, please check that you are using the most recent annual 10-k and double check your figures. For example, your cash figures were not corresponding to the 2020 annual report that I referenced.

You mentioned the Net Cash Flow and Net Profit. You should elaborate on this topic, particularly on Cash. How does their Cash and Cash Equivalent holdings compare to other companies? If cash decreased, what are the key reasons for the decrease? Do the key reasons speak positively about the company’s financial outlook? Note that there are numerous reasons why cash might be used (for example, Investing Activities) to support company growth and/or positive performance. The statement-wide analysis previously mentioned would also help you analyze these changes in Cash Flow activities. What do these changes imply about future growth?

The debt-to-equity ratio is a useful ratio to assess how the organization is capitalized. It would be interesting to evaluate some of the ratios over time, such as the three year period of the latest annual report. For example, comparing the company’s leverage or debt/equity over the period. You could then evaluate the increase or decrease and explore the financial statements for explanations for why leverage increased or decreased.

Next Steps

Remember to cite all sources properly using APA

For comments above regarding required elements of the project, these changes should be made before resubmitting your final version to the Milestone One assignment.

Other considerations are for expanding on your work. For these, you do not need to resubmit any changes to Milestone One. If you expand on your work, you can incorporate your revisions into the final milestone. If you prefer to update Milestone One and resubmit, please do so prior to the Milestone One final due date. Grades are entered after the due date

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