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1st assignment

Reference Case Study 2.1: “Nike Shifts With Its Environment” in the text. Answer the three questions as listed. Write out the questions with your full responses for full credit. Make sure to include the role technology plays within each of your answers.

  1. From what you can tell by reading the case, in addition to other information you know about Nike, how has each element of the company’s microenvironment contributed to its development of the new stores and their innovative features?
  2. What is the influence of the various components of the macroenvironment on the company’s present situation?
  3. Concerning current social attitudes and values, do you believe Nike is on the right track in its approach? Why or why not? What additional suggestions would you offer the company?

2nd assugnment

Using your final project, create an online advertising campaign for your company. Specifically, make a list of the media (at least five) that would be most effective in reaching your target audience. Explain your reasoning for each. Hint: Utilize the advertising objectives to help convey your message.

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