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Write a 2-3 page memo that makes a “pitch” to a change champion who can endorse and actively support a change effort you have recommended.


To be an effective leader and change agent, you need to understand and apply principles related to the politics of change. For this assessment, you will construct a stakeholder map related to a needed change in your workplace or an organization you are familiar with and write a memorandum to make a “pitch” to a change champion who can endorse the change effort and actively support it. The focus here is on how to change versus what to change.


Use the Capella University Library to find one resource on the politics of organizational change.


After joining the change task force at your organization, you were asked to write an internal report recommending a potential change within the organization. Your report was distributed in several different circles within the organization, and people there were energized by your ideas. They want to make your recommended changes, and your supervisor’s boss has taken a personal interest in seeing that your ideas get implemented. To help make it happen, he has asked that you write him a memo that explains how your recommended changes will impact other roles within the organization and how to manage potential points of resistance to change.

Your Role

Imagine that you work in any organization you choose in any position you like. For the sake of simplicity, you may choose to imagine your present position at a company where you already work. You may use the same organization you chose for Assessment 2. Whatever your other responsibilities, you are now also tasked with providing change leadership within the organization.


In a memo to a senior manager who can serve as a change champion for your selected organization, include the following:  

  • Identify the change and why it is needed for the selected organization. You may use the same change you focused on in Assessment 2, or you may choose a different change.
  • Develop a stakeholder map, including those directly or indirectly affected by the change.
  • Explain each stakeholder’s position on the change. Be sure to include what they can gain or what they can lose.
  • Articulate recommendations for structural or cultural changes as part of the change plan.
  • Assess alternative approaches to managing resistances. Consider how to deal with toxic players.

Your memo should be written coherently to support a central idea, with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

Deliverable Format

When your supervisor’s boss requested this memo, he asked that it be easy for upper management to absorb when he presents it to them in some upcoming meetings. Keep it to 2–3 pages. He has also asked that you include one strong academic reference to give your recommendations research-based context and support, but keep it to just one, as there is no time for reading a lot of references in these meetings. Since your memo will be shared with upper management and other internal stakeholders, you want this document to be well organized and readable. Include your stakeholder map at the end of the memo.

  • References: Support your recommendations with one resource from the Capella University Library. You must use proper APA style to list your reference.
  • Length: 2–3 pages, in addition to the stakeholder map and reference list.
  • Written communication: Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the memo and do not detract from the message.
  • Formatting: Use a professional memo format.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
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