Journal entry 3: habits 4 (think win/win) and 5 (seek first to

How can you/have you applied this habit to your internship/work experience? Provide a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the habit.

How does this habit challenge you to reflect on your internship and other work experiences to date?

What does this habit suggest for your personal and professional efforts in the future? 

What does this habit mean with regards to adding value to your career? Apply critical thinking to the habit and share your POV and insight.


Journal Entry: Habits 4 and 5

  1. Identify the reflections you have on recent events that relate to this habit and how it pertains to your continued personal and professional development.
  2. Consider feedback on your work performance provided by your supervisor and evaluate your progress toward achieving your learning objectives (as outlined on your Individual Development Plan worksheet). In performing this evaluation:
  1. Evaluate the progress of your learning objectives, accomplishments and any setbacks you may be facing. (If necessary, resubmit the Individual Development Plan Worksheet and Individual Development Plan Agreement form if learning objectives change. If changes, be sure to have the form re-signed by your supervisor to ensure alignment.)
  2. Assess your supervisor’s feedback about your performance and clarify any concerns you may have. What does the feedback mean with regards to adding value to your future career?
  3. Discuss the feedback your supervisor provided regarding your work performance. What suggestions were made to improve your performance? What positive aspects of your performance did he/she highlight?
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