Influenza writing assignment | Biology homework help


•Goal: To write a proposal about eradicating a species. Focus on human health


WHAT: What is your chosen infectious disease?

WHY: Explain the benefits of eradicating or curing this disease; Why is this disease important to be eradicated?

HOW: Outline a plan that explains how or why this disease can be eradicated or cured; What actions are you going to take to eradicate this disease?



1- 700 – 900 words

2- Structure your proposal according to the question listen in “content”

3- Any scientific studies or data that help your argument strong

4- Less than 20% plagiarism

5- At least 5 sources


1-  This proposal clearly states species & the proposed action. It shows that this is a valid choice (e.g. endangered species; lethal disease).

2-  This proposal supplies useful information supporting that this species should be saved/eradicated. It is not just anecdotal or persuasive.

3-  I learned something new when I read this proposal. This proposal tells me more than what everybody already thinks or knows.

4-  The proposal showed that real thought and effort went into it. It was not full of egregious errors in spelling and grammar.

5-  The proposal’s message was loud and clear. It was not just a collage of unconnected statements that were difficult to follow.

6-  The proposal gives all the facts and arguments that I want & need to evaluate the proposal critically.

7-  The proposal presents facts & arguments that explain the costs as well as the benefits of saving/eradicating this species.

8-  The proposal then weighs these pros and cons to formulate a clear and persuasive conclusion.

9-  The proposal makes its case in a memorable way: e.g. it tells some unusual detail about the species.

10-  The proposal uses original scientific data to make the point. 

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