How does social media impact the news



The introduction paragraph should state when and where the discussion was held. You should also introduce the topics that were discussed.


The second paragraph should explain how you prepared for the group discussion. In this paragraph, you should identify the steps you took to prepare. You should also explain how these steps helped you prepare.


The third paragraph should identify the people who participated in the discussion. Identify their names and provide any necessary background information, such as their ages or relationships to you. You should also identify the topics you discussed.


The fourth paragraph should discuss the conclusions that were drawn from your group discussion. Based on the discussion, you should answer these questions:

  • What was the group’s perception of the news? Was it positive, negative, or a mixture? What influenced these reactions?
  • How did the group think social media impacts the news? Talk about their insights and experiences.
  • What are the responsibilities of news consumers, based on the conclusions the group drew?

Make sure to explain if and how people’s opinions varied.


In the conclusion paragraph, you should reflect on what you learned about how people consume and perceive news in the modern era. In this paragraph, you should strive to answer these questions: What have I learned about how people consume and perceive the news today? What is my role as a news consumer?

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