Health services administration essay | health Services Administration | Lehman College, City University of New York

On March 23, 2010 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Also known as Obamacare, the ACA had a significant impact on health care and the health care delivery system, both positive and negative. More information: ​


  1. Find a recent* news article about the Affordable Care Act. (*no older than 2 years)
  2. Briefly summarize the article. These will give you an idea how to summarize:
  3. Relate it to something you learned in the class
    1. Almost every chapter has a section and/or content relating to ACA – ​you MUST cite the
      textbook, as well as your article.​ (do not quote/cite ​only​ from the Appendix, however
      you may find resourceful information in your textbook’s Appendix)
    2. Be sure to include ​in text​ citations (see link below for assistance).
  4. Your paper will look something like this (at minimum) :
    1. 1-3 sentence introduction
    2. 2-3 paragraphs summary
    3. 2-3 paragraphs relating to class
    4. 1 paragraph conclusion
    5. References (you will have ​at least ​2 – your article and your textbook)
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