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Hi, I have Group project however we are not divided the work as yet. fIrst i need some ideas because they want me to share some ideas for the case study and then we will divide the work. I attached the Case study and the image file. Pls check. Given below is the outline for the case study. 

As we discussed in the meeting, this is the starting point for an outline with problems, alternatives, and proposed solutions:

  1. Section – Problem
    1. Supply chain/logistics problems
      1. Issues with ingredients
        1. Constrained by agreement to source the majority (70%) of food items locally
        2. Quality of ingredients
          1.  Cheese
          2. Rare
          3. Little infrastructure
          4. One cheese supplier is located, but too little milkfat creates poor cheese
          5. Importing cheese to satisfy needs until cows can produce higher fat milk
          6. Western grain needs shipped to provide milk with adequate fat
          7.  Meat
          8. Quality, reliability issues with local meat suppliers
          9. Swedish supplier agreed to joint venture to supply meat, but not ready for at least 1 year
          10. Importing meats until this is ready
          11. Black market goods
          12. Not a reliable source
          13. No consistent pricing model
          14. Higher pricing than government regulated goods
        3. Stable supply of ingredients
          1. Long, difficult winters create shortages
          2. Political instability leads to inability to get products from warmer republics
          3. Increasing food prices by 300%
      2. Issues with shipping
        1. Adequacy of supply infrastructure (2 cold trucks for supplies)
      3. Other Issues
        1. Currency stability (devaluing of ruble)
        2. Regional stability (issues with collapsing Soviet Union)
        3. Can’t convert ruble to currency and extract earnings from USSR
    2. Distribution Issues
      1. Marketing
        1. Difficulty in forecasting – unknown size and preferences for the market
        2. Pricing
          1. Determining affordable price
          2. Setting prices amid fluctuating currency issues
    3. Operational problems
      1. Difficulties in communication due to language and culture differences
      2. Turnover
      3. Quality of Replacement Staff
        1. Difficulties maintaining standards
        2. Typical mentality of doing minimum work level
        3. Require ongoing training
      4. Understaffing
      5. Morale
      6. Setting Schedules to satisfy local requirements (2 day on, 2 day off, 12 hour shifts)
  2. Section – Alternatives
  3. Section – Proposed Solution
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