For each question, create the entire poisson distribution for the

     For each   question, create the entire Poisson distribution for the situation described   in the question. The “POISSON” function will calculate the   probability results. You’ll need to create a Poisson distribution table and   distribution graph for each problem. Use the table you build to answer all   the probability questions. Show your work.      1) A major hurricane is a   hurricane with wind speeds of 111 miles per hour or greater. During the 20th   century, the mean number of major hurricanes to strike the U.S. mainland per   year was about 0.7. Find the probability that in a given year a) exactly one   major hurricane will strike the U.S. mainland, b) at most one major hurricane   will strike the U.S. mainland, and c) more than one major hurricane will   strike the U.S. mainland.      2) The mean number of days   with 0.01 inch or more precipitation per month for Lewistown, Idaho, is about   8.7. Find the probability that in a given month a) there are exactly 9 days   with 0.01 inch or more precipitation, b) there are at most 9 days with 0.01   inch or more precipitation, and c) there are more than 9 days with 0.01 inch   or more precipitation.    

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