Final essay in mla 8

I am a french student and I would like to get my essay done. You can choose the topic you like.The essay will be checked for plagiarism by the Compilatio software program.

For the essay:

  • Use MLA 8 Style for the paper, the quotations, and the Works Cited list (5 good sources total required)
  • Double space the paper and use Times New Roman 12 point font
  • Use English paragraphs – not French paragraphs, and spell check the essay
  • PLEASE USE templates from the textbook to help you structure your sentences or paragraphs
  • Quote directly from each of the 5 sources at least once, unless you know how to summarize or paraphrase from the 5 sources without plagiarism
  • In the Works Cited list, write 1-2 sentences under each source to justify why you selected it
  • NB: the word count (1,000 words min. – 1,500 words max.) does not include the Works Cited list
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