Film critical analysis based on one of a choice of six films

*The instructions an details are attached below the question. *

The 6 films you can choose from are: 1 – Girl Interrupted; 2 – Reign Over Me; 3 – Inside Out (Pixar animated); 4 – Prozac Nation; 5 – Side Effects; 6 – Shutter Island.

• DUE: via OWL on Friday, October 9th (before 4 pm). SUBMIT AS WORD DOC ONLY; NO PDF’S

• LENGTH: Minimum 4 to maximum 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. Footnotes and bibliography not included in page count. You may use any reference style, just use it consistently.

• Briefly introduce the film you have chosen. Critically assess and discuss the film, incorporating one of the following themes (which you will clearly identify in your paper) in your discussion: culture and mental illness and/or mental health; gender representation; perception of treatments (e.g. medication, therapy, etc.); the role of authority in mental health as it is relevant to your chosen film.

• In forming your arguments and justifying your statements, you will incorporate material from a minimum of four reference sources (from the course reading list and other academic sources).

*The links of the course readings:*

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