Fianancialmamgement | Financial markets homework help


  • Select stocks of three publicly traded companies from different industries. I am thinking about looking at Best Buy, Chevron and Amazon. I would give some background information about them and reasons why I choose them

Paragraph 1 & 2 – This is where I will begin to dive into the financials of the three companies and go over the

  1. Calculate the monthly rate of return of the stocks
  2. Calculate the mean, variance, and standard deviation of the stocks
  3. Calculate the correlation coefficient between every possible pair of stocks’ returns

Paragraph 3 – How much would I invest.

  • The decision of what percentage of money (weights) I want to invest in each stock

Paragraph 4

  • Calculate my portfolio’s mean monthly return, variance, and standard deviation

Paragraph 5

  • Financial outlook of my portfolio under different circumstance such as a 10% loss or an investment of $100,000

Conclusion – This is where I will tie everything together

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