Federal official profile | Government homework help

Federal official profile | Government homework help

Basic information:
Prominently displays official, proper title of current position and their full name
Political party (if applicable)
Length in current position
Length in related positions (what makes them qualified?) (if applicable)

Background information:
Previous careers
ethnicity/family heritage
Net worth (total $$ in the bank!, or property owned)
Defining life experiences

3-4 goals or accomplishments (can be a mix of either depending on their length of time in office) Stated specific agenda, campaign promises, political beliefs
Signature or hallmark legislation, program, legal action, court decisions (what are they known for?)

Constituent Viewpoint : 4-5 sentence explanation of your stance on their leadership goals or actions, background and experience. How well does this person represent you or the American people? Clearly demonstrate your understanding of the word “democracy” in your explanation.

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