Ethical case study: part 2


Critically analyze the case in 3-4 pages. Address the following:

  • Identify the primary “ethical dilemma (or a question)” in the case.
  • Formulate possible courses of action.
  • Discuss any role that information technology or context played in creating the special circumstances of the case.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those actions.
  • Analyze different courses of action, are they based on a consequential or non-consequential approach? Are these courses of action ethical?
  • Weigh the pros and cons of each action.


  1. Use consistent formatting throughout (12 pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced) and do review your paper thoroughly for grammatical issues and typographical errors! Use a cover page and references.
  2. Use an APA-style cover page and reference page.
  3. Cite your sources (do not use Wikipedia or Blog, etc.) and list them in a reference page per APA style. 
  4. At a minimum use 5 resources that are published no more than five years ago. Choose scholarly resources (i.e., peer-reviewed journals, sources from your industry/organization, and (sparingly) the textbook.
  5. Your document should be 3-4 body pages (single-spaced, not including cover page and references).
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