Discussion forum main post – 1 – a+ work required

DB 1:

After watching this week’s presentation and completing the readings, write a 550-600 word explanation of the benefits and challenges of studying literary theory. Consider especially what Muhlestein’s article advises as special considerations for those like us at a faith-based institution. In what ways might you expect our faith commitments to conflict with assumptions and principles of (at least some) literary theory? How (and why) can we engage with this material redemptively?

Submit your original thread of 550–600 words in response to this prompt; this thread must demonstrate course-related knowledge and evidence engagement with course readings, so you should have at least two citations.


Textbook Readings (e-Books Attached)

Keep in Mind

Remember that these discussion boards, while serving to generate class engagement and interaction with your colleagues, are still formal writing assignments. Be sure you have a strong central claim, develop that argument well with support from the readings, organize your ideas in a manner easy to follow, demonstrate clarity of thought and understanding of the course readings, and communicate clearly. Check out the discussion board rubric (under Course Content, Course Guides and Assignment Instructions) for some guidance here. 

Also, do be sure to stay within the word-count range (550-600 words) and to cite from course readings (Book Attached) (2 citations required for original post). 

As you write your discussion board posts, it might be best to complete the work in a Word document and save the file to your computer. That way you can ensure your post doesn’t get lost in transmission. Feel free to upload that post as a Word attachment to the discussion board or simply copy and paste it into the text box. 

Regarding citations, if you’re using material (quotes/ideas) drawn from course material, there’s no need to include a works cited entry. Just indicate clearly in the body of your post where the quote or idea came from. If you’re using outside sources (in addition to the two required citations from the class materials), do please include a works cited entry or at least a footnote. Oh, and keep in mind that for ENGL 603, we will be using MLA format. If you need a refresher, check out the Purdue Owl pages here: Basic In-Text Citation help and Works Cited Requirements.


In addition to this original thread, you are required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads, including at least one citation from course readings in each. Each reply must be 250-300 words and must extend the discussion in some way, rather than merely cover the same ground as the original post. Some possibilities include the following: evaluating the original post, discussing implications of points raised, contrasting an idea with something else relevant to the class, connecting ideas to course material, or providing additional examples.

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