Discussion #4 challenges of the aprn interview 250 to 300 words apa


The following three weeks will cover discussion # 4: The Interview of the APRN; Interview tips for the APRN Presentation Seeking Employment: Interviewing (including mock interviews)

Topics to review: 

Joel: Chapter 21 

· 10 Steps to a Good Interview https://work.chron.com/10-steps-good-interview-2019.html


Listed below are the three most challenging interview questions you may experience during the interview process. To fully prepare the student for his or her future interview, please provide a clear and concise answer as to how you as the APRN will answer each interview question.

What is your biggest Weakness?

Describe how you resolved conflict with a co-worker or patient?

Tell me about yourself?

On your initial threat and peer response develops this topic and include current scholarly articles as your reference.

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