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1.) CHOOSE a social justice issue, event, or problem that you feel strongly enough about to research. This digital archive will provide the foundational research for your White Paper final project. Part of your task will be to communicate to the broader public why this issue is worthy of our attention, so you will have to define what you mean by social justice and communicate why it is essential for us to focus our energies on the issue or event or problem that you present.

2.) Research various media (online, visual, print, oral tradition, community-based, etc.) about the subject and collect an archive of 15 to 20 items that help us to understand the issue better and persuade us to attend to that issue, event, or problem. Note, at least FIVE out of your 15-20 items should be scholarly sources. Part of your task will be to curate your archive, meaning that you will have to decide what belongs in the archive and what can be left out or to the side. Remember that no one has unlimited energy, so you will have to be selective about what you include. More information is not always better–too much information can lead to information overload and dilute your audience’s attention. Too little information, or information that is not clearly linked to the subject, will fail to persuade a neutral audience of the importance of your subject. Your judgment as an archivist is crucial to find the right balance.

3.) Create a digital archive, which would be an annotated bibliography that is accessibly organized list of resources with links that provide access to the materials. Your archives should be created in a Google document or Slides. This digital archive will become the foundation of source materials to write your final White Paper.

Your archive should include an introductory note of approximately 250 words, explaining the archive’s purpose—why you chose to make these items available to the public and what you hope to accomplish with the archive. Each of the items in your archive should also be described and its relevance to your subject explained in a one or two sentence curator’s note

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