Develop a mission and vision statement


As you have previously discussed, in order to develop a strategic plan, an organization must have a mission and vision statement. You are the victim services supervisor for a large government agency in New York that services victims from all five boroughs. The overall purpose of the agency is to provide support to victims while promoting safety, healing, and support services. Your organization is involved in the following:

  1. Victim support:
    1. Information
    2. Rights
    3. Practical
    4. Services
  2. Advocacy
    1. Policies and practices
    2. Legislation
    3. Courts

You have been tasked with developing a mission and vision statement and presenting it to the organization’s Executive Staff. Each statement should be clear and concise and be no more than 250 words. Your presentation should include an introduction and conclusion. Develop a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation in which you outline the mission and vision statement. During the presentation, discuss the development process for each statement, and then justify why you included the statements that you did.

Length: 10-minute presentation, a minimum of 4 slides

References: Include a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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