Current analysis | Article writing homework help

Prompt: Pick a contemporary terrorism-related problem where two (or more) African countries are involved. Summarize the article in one section. Then, write an analysis in a different section. Based on week 11 readings, what type of terrorism do you think this is? How did the state(s) tackle this problem? Were the state’s methods problematic when it comes to human rights violations? Why or why not? What do you think should be done instead?

News analysis guidelines

  • Pick news/events/problems that are current (a few months old to up to a year old). OR, if the international problem is years old, there must be a current development
  • 2+ states involved or state and non-state actor(s) are involved.
  • 100-150 words long. First, summarize (brief summary) and then move on to the analysis. Please see the rubricActions for more details.
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