Cultural value annotated bibliography discussion and powerpoint

This assignment has two components – first, you must submit AT LEAST THREE SOURCES in MLAcitation style, highlighted links refer to the Purdue OWL style guide for assistance. Full credit for your list of citations is worth 10 points, and any errors in citation will be deducted from this total.

Next, for these submitted sources you must write an annotated bibliography (description here) that shows you have understood and synthesized the information in the article. The annotated bibliography should be about a paragraph long for each source and should show that you understand the author’s bias and their point of view. The annotation of your bibliography is worth another 10 points total. 

These are the sources:

France, Russia, Costa Rica and several cities have begun the process of banning child beauty pageants:

Should it be done here?:–ban/2842431/

Many academic studies see a lot of bad outcomes for the girls:


I need a PowerPoint with 5 slides

  • First slide must be ONE IMAGE (ATTENTION)
  • Only 5 slides allowed, one for each step (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion)
  • Remember to use 5 words per slide as a guideline
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