Contributions to the field of management


One of the topics, for week one, is the historical aspects of operations management. For this assignment, consider some of the major contributors to management theory and the contributions they have made to the field of management. Select a major contributor whose works, with which you are familiar, and discuss, in detail, the contributions made to the field of management. Your selection could be anywhere from one of your favorite contributors to one that you least favor. While there are several contributors to choose from, in the textbook, you are free to select a contributor that is not listed in chapter one, of the text. If you decide to select a contributor that is not listed in chapter one, then please note that you will need to conduct an online university library search to select your subject. Address the following in your paper.

  • What is operations management?
  • Why is operations management important to the field of management?
  • Who is the contributor(s), and what concept has this person(s) contributed to the field of management?
  • Is the contributor to management one of your favorites or one of your least favorites? Please explain why.
  • If you had the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement of the contribution, what types of suggestions would you have made?

Creating subtitles, for each section, will help you ensure that you are addressing each point. This 1600-word (or more) paper will need to meet APA standards (double-spacing, title page, introduction, conclusion, reference page, etc.) and will need to include in-text citations, which you can retrieve from the Operations Management text and at least three reliable outside sources. 

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