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fter reviewing Chapter 12 of the text, do you think communication (oral and written) plays a role in behavior management?  Elaborate on why or why not.  Support your ideas with one outside academic source from the Ashford Library and the textbook.  What are three to four of the most important variables you will include in a management plan (classroom and/or any type of supervision) in your future profession and explain why they are important to you?  Your initial post should be 300-words minimum.


Hello everyone,

Classroom Management is how I’d like you to title this thread. Also, be sure to use the default font of Arial 3, without changing it, making it bigger or smaller. My eyes aren’t what they used to be so I think this particular Arial 3 font works best for all.

It’s a very  good idea to quote and cite the assigned reading. Keep it to one direct quote per paragraph using the assigned reading from the assigned text, where applicable, and follow APA rules at all times.  Direct quotes provide ideas, indirect are more for background info, so practice on direct quotes and ref lists makes perfect


Here is a very good resource for APA questions. I use it everyday as it’s the best site out there, so be sure to bookmark it and consider using it for all APA work in the class.  

 OWL Purdue- APA style:

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