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How the juvenile justice system views the classification of age in relation to delinquent behavior varies, sometimes based on circumstance and jurisdiction or on legal rights. These factors affect how a juvenile will enter or avoid the criminal justice system and the strategies employed to handle juveniles.

In this Assignment, you classify an offense for a juvenile and determine strategies for handling a juvenile in the criminal justice system by considering the various options available, including options that do not involve criminal charges or incarceration.

To prepare:

  • Read      the Week 4 case study found in the Criminal Justice Case Studies: Juvenile      Delinquency and Justice document.
  • Aspects      of the Assignment require you to apply your learning to this case study.
  • Review      the Elements of an Intake Report document for a model.

By Day 7 of Week 4

Part 1

In 500 to 750 words, address the following. The audience for your writing is professional (e.g., probation officer, judge).

  • Determine      a classification for the type of offense described in the case study.
  • Recommend      a short-term and a long-term strategy to address the offense, which may      include a placement recommendation (e.g., halfway house, nonprofit      institution, social services, family “replacement,” or incarceration).
  • Develop      an intake plan for the offender in the form of an intake report that would      be submitted to a juvenile court judge.

Where applicable, support your responses by referring to the Learning Resources.

Part 2

In 500 to 750 words, respond to the following. Recall that this portion of your document is your analysis and reflection, the audience for which is your Instructor only.

  • Describe      the developmental needs in juveniles that align with the prevention,      intervention, or rehabilitation strategies that you used in your report.
  • Describe      the factors that affected your placement recommendation (e.g., halfway      house, nonprofit institution, social services, family “replacement,” or      incarceration).
  • Explain      how you measure successful interventions for juveniles.
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